There is nothing more miraculous to me than to witness a baby enter the world, let alone be a part of it!

The wonder and beauty of childbirth can truly be seen in the strength of a woman when she has the support, tools, and knowledge to be empowered in her laboring. Sometimes things may not go as expected or preferred, but she is assured and comforted in her surroundings. She is empowered to be calm and confident while working with her body and her baby for his/her arrival.

My personal journey to become a doula began before I became a mother myself, when I supported my sister-in-law through two of her labors. During those years I supported friends as well. Then after being a home-school mother for twenty years to my four children, I contemplated what to do with my time. I wanted to keep busy with something I’m passionate aboutI’ve had many interests, but childbirth has always stayed with me. After researching, I found doula work as a professional service. God worked out the timing and my situation; a trainer came to Guam in April 2016. I received my business license as a Labor and Postpartum Doula in July.

As I learn and grow as a doula and a person, I look forward to offering my clients more benefits and services. As always, I strive to serve with sincerity and integrity. 

Thank you for your time in viewing my website and getting to know me a little better!


Millie Guerrero